Please note: The 9th Heritage Nguni Auction for September 2015 has been cancelled.

Heritage Nguni Auction 23 September 2014 Results

Veld bull DH 10 41 was sold for a record price of R65 000 at our annual Heritage Auction on 23 September 2014.

Seller:  Kapokberg Ngunis (Niel Hugo and Marnice Pieterse)

Buyer:  Glen Knott - Qhina Ngunis Fort Beaufort



More about us:

A group of like minded Karoo farmers who saw the need to provide truly veld reared cattle.  The Heritage Nguni (Nguni Cattle cc) members are ...

Kevin Watermeyer - Compassberg Ngunis - Herd mark KW,
Niel Hugo and Marnice Pieterse - Kapokberg Ngunis - Herd mark DH,
Trenly Spence - RT Spence Nguni Stud - Herd mark RT
and Stephan Kirsten - S Kirsten Ngunis - Herd mark SK.

We farm within a radius of ±150 km of Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape.

We apply the following criteria:

- no supplementation, chemical treatment, dipping or dosing
- members have to enter all their best bulls into project
- all members' herds are registered
- a lengthy test period - 24 months not 6
- a strict selection criteria


Contact Us

Trenly Spence

Tel: 082 898 4960

Kevin Watermeyer

Tel: 049 841 1452

Niel & Marnice Hugo

Tel: 049 845 0152

Stephan Kirsten

Tel: 082 376 3270




More about Nguni cattle:

And so it seems with the Nguni cattle breed - that it has always been with us ...

For as long as there were people in Africa, their lives have been intrinsically tied to their cattle. DNA evidence suggests that the Nguni descends from both Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus cattle and drawings and hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt show the multicoloured cattle with their lyre-shaped horns. The Nguni breed is a symbol of the achievements of the ancient continent; refined by time, its genetic code sifted by the harshness of the continent ...

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Nguni News

  •  Nguni vs Sheep “Since 1991, we’ve used no chemicals on the cattle whatsoever and since we’ve had Ngunis, I haven’t ever stuck a needle into a beast. It’s good for the environment ..."
  • Nguni die wenbestanddeel in basterkragresep ’n Kruisteeltprogram met Nguni-beeste aan die voet van die Sneeuberge blyk besonder winsgewende vrugte te dra. Die Nguni se inheemse kenmerke gekoppel met die vleisproduksiepotensiaal van Europese rasse het gesonde, swaarder slagdiere tot gevolg...
  • Produksie potensiaal van Nguni Kruisteling “Die vleisbeesteler moet daarna streef om die doeltreffendheid van produksie te verbeter. In die algemeen sal enige stelsel wat meer gewig vir slagdoeleindes vanaf ligter koeie produseer, doeltreffender wees as 'n stelsel waar swaar kalwers vanaf swaarder koeie geproduseer word...."

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